Another 'Static Website Generator'.


Stylus is an 'experiment' - it started as an idea for a server based simple content-management system for those occasions when Wordpress or Joomla is overkill - the intention being that 'Stylus' would serve dynamic content, placing it into a webpage on the basis of a series of ajax requests. The direction of the project has changed to the extent that Stylus is joining the ranks of the static website generators (there are loads of them).

The intention is that a website's content can be created / edited within 'Stylus' and then injected into the appropriate 'page' using partials (small pieces of html that will define the structure / style of the selected piece of 'content). It is possible to use pages that have beeen created outside of 'Stylus' or layouts (a type of 'partial') and make use of special 'markers' to ensure that the correct content is placed in the correct location.

The usual content management tools are available to enable the creating / editing of website content.

Stylus is based on Perl and the Catalyst framework and is currently under development and as such is not ready for general use. The code is available from Github.

Getting Started

Under construction !!