Experiments in dashboard design for small businesses - using R / RStudio and Shiny.


Dashboard is based on R / RStudio and Shiny and attempts to combine the data manipulation / plotting capabilities of R (and the numorous associated packages) with a 'custom' HTML / Javascript front-end.

As a consequence the front-end does not make use of the 'standard' ui.r file and whilst this does complicate the interface it allows for greater flexibility (in particular - the use of interface frameworks such as Bootstrap 3 and Foundation).

Dashboard is (in its current state) not intended for general use but is an 'on-going' experiment exploring dashboard design using the R / RStudio and Shiny toolset. The code is available from Github. For more information about R / RStudio and Shiny checkout the RStudio website

Here is a further example using the highcharter package (utilises the excellent Highcharts javascript library - View.